Better than bulimia

November 6, 2009 at 3:48 pm 2 comments

Have you ever wished that there was a no-fat diet that allowed you to eat whatever you want when you want it? Deep-fried  breaded shrimp, tempura noodles, egg fried rice, banana fritters – no problem!

Plastic food

With this new diet you can eat sushi until you burst because our products are, quite literally, made of air! Coming soon to a chip shop near you.

*Disclaimer: side effects may include indigestion, constipation, malnutrition, toxic shock, plasticitis and death. Programme should be undertaken as part of a balanced diet combined with regular excercise.

plastic food

In Dublin if you saw a photo menu and plastic food you would run a mile but, let’s face it, it it is difficult to capture the beauty of a 3-in-1 through either image or synthetic materials. Yet it is somehow  strangely appropriate and unquestionably ingenius in the Japanese context. Picture this; you arrive in a restaurant and, unable to read Japanese, you point randomly at an item on the menu. What you get back is a slice of raw fish coated in pungent wasabi paste and fried in what you can only presume to be some variation of cat urine. Or perhaps you get fugu – that poisonous fish dish made infamous by The Simpsons – an exciting delicacy when prepared by a trained chef but this is a stall on the side of the road and your chef-cum-host-cum-waiter seems to be using a piece of his shoe as a spatula. So what do you do? Thankfully, most restaurants in Japan display plastic versions of the meals they serve in a glass display out front so, when all those hash signs start assaulting you from your menu, you simply grap your waiter by the sleeve and drag him/her outside where you start banging on the glass screaming “That one, I want that one!

Luckily we happened across two shops that sold these displays on an outing in Asakusa – thanks to the lovely Hideo Noguchi for his advice!


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Tokyo, Day 2. Tsukiji fish market. Hida Takayama, the colour of Japan.

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  • 1. Celina "no wheel" Murphy  |  November 9, 2009 at 8:28 pm


    p.s. Gary, Patrick Muphasa (i.e. guy you photographed with me on Moore St and subsequently bumped into at Knockanstockan, NOT him what is in the Lion King) now calls me daily…something to do with Africa or kids or African kids…

    • 2. yearlongbreakup  |  November 10, 2009 at 5:39 am

      Hilarious! He wants your babies, or Africans, or African babies!


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